REA Junior Leaders





The three squadrons of the Junior Leaders Regiment RE, A, B, & C. which were later changed to 54, 66 & 82 Squadrons when these regular service Squadrons were disbanded, comprised originally of fifty boys from Chatham and thirty boys from Aldershot in 1950.  Aggressive recruiting gradually increased numbers to 580 by 1955. Malta Barracks at Aldershot was soon outgrown and larger accommodation was secured at Old Park Barracks, Dover. The move took place in December 1958. The first C.O. being Lt Col R.L. France R.E.. Soon after arrival at Dover “C” Squadron was formed from A and B thus making The Junior Leaders Regiment R.E.  Dover was the Regiments’home for 33 years with the last pass off  parade being on 26' October 1991. The remaining soldiers, 82 in total were moved to Chepstow to finish their training.

The Junior Leaders system was set up to provide the regular army with a supply of manpower that was trained in leadership skills to take on the mantle of the senior N.C.O.

Discipline, Education, Sport and military skills were taught to a high standard in this endeavour. The achievement of the aims of the system is evidenced by the senior positions attained by those who benefited from their time at Dover.

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Our association was founded 9 years ago by a group of like minded ex-boys in 2000.We had our first re-union in October 2000, and have subsequently met every October since.....The original aim was to reunite all those who started their service with the Boys Squadron Aldershot and then its successor the Junior Leaders Regiment Dover, or served as permanent staff.We have now opened up membership to graduates from the Army Foundation College also, when badged RE.In 2009, it will be the 10th anniversary of our founding, and with a growing and enthusiastic membership, support for the future of the Branch looks assured.